April 26, 2013 When Roots Resonate at Bromfield Gallery
in Boston, Massachusetts May 1st through June 1st

Untitled 13-01 by Vivian Pratt

We're always looking for meaning and poignancy that will stay with us; a source of inspiration we can call on when we need it most. The upcoming exhibit at Bromfield Gallery has this very ability to evoke or suggest images, memories and emotions full of significance that differs from viewer to viewer. Roots that Resonate features the eclectic group of works by mixed media artist Vivian Pratt. Her source material consists of the collections that flood her studio: twigs, uprooted bushes, spent flowers and curled leaves. For the creations she will show in this exhibition, Pratt begins with monoprints based on natural imagery and then merges the images with their source materials. This combination between nature's debris and prints/handmade paper is where the artist finds a moment of resonance in her work. Pratt's repertoire is expansive. She creates many types of work, from computer-modified images to hand carved sculptures made from found plant materials. Of her process, Pratt says, "I use a variety of media, exploring drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, video and photography while continually bringing images to the computer to modify, print and then combine again with other media. In the past I was a computer programmer and I have many years experience using the computer as a tool in my art process." You can learn more about her process on her blog. Roots that Resonate will be showing at Bromfield Gallery from Wednesday, May 1st through Saturday, June 1st. An opening reception is set to be held on Friday, May 3rd from 6-8:30pm.