Body Dance

The three videos in the links below were shown at the bf Annex Gallery in May 2005. They represented a new direction where I transformed my imagery into video, creating moving works of art. They are short, non-narrative works that are another way for me to express my personal emotions. These videos were created by projecting images from earlier works of art onto my moving body and videotaping this movement. Using AfterEffects to manipulate and layer the imagery, I caused the movement to become an abstract dance.

Debris in Motion

While at an artist residency I had access to a microscope and was fascinated with the images I found when magnifying dead plant debris. Although the plants were dead, the images felt alive inside of body or living creatures. I took video clips of the images as I slowly changed the focus, giving the illusion of movement. Using iMovie, I combined the video with still images, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. I continued this exploration at home with an extreme macro lens on my DSLR camera and, using Final Cut Pro, created a second video.